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Aperçu is a design studio based in Amman founded by the duo Architects Tarek Hreish & Farah Kayyal. At Aperçu, we redefine the concept of modern living by creating timeless art pieces that compliment and contribute to our ever-changing lifestyles. Aperçu’s debut appearances in Amman Design Week 2016 and Design Days Dubai 2017 brought national and international recognition to the promising line of handcrafted art pieces. All designs are created by nature and captured by Aperçu to reveal the beauty of locally sourced materials. Our work ranges from art furniture to home accessories to offering a whole new bespoke experience in gifts selection and shopping. Our limitless designs are conveyed to experienced local craftsmen who develop each and every item with high craftsmanship skills and devotion.

Tarek Hreish & Farah Kayyal


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